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09-Dec-2018 15:19

What you don't want to do is copy over your userdata as it can cause problems.Generally it's ok but if you're coming from a very old build it will cause all sorts of problems in the future, also there are some newer builds that have had this issue too so I just find it easier not to copy it over which will mean you need to set all your preferences and settings again in xbmc4xbox.With that said, a few valiant souls have continued to port over some of the more beneficial lines of XBMC code and done other bug fixing the keep the aging Xbox as a valid option for many people out there.To this day, though more than 10 years old, the Xbox 1 remains one of the best boxes in the world for gaming, pictures, and SD video playback.However the site I linked to is now dead but you can now grab them from this site, also the nightlies are now "development" releases so I'd recommend installing the latest "stable build". Should I just be able to copy my current scripts folder into the newer XBMC folder so I don't lose Navi X?

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It will give you an error code and then ask if you want to download the update and take you directly there.

Just go to the "Search Games" option where you would manually type in the game name, and instead type in the word "optional" (or really just type OPT and it auto-finishes it for you).