Validating asp net server controls

18-Jan-2019 20:41

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This kind of situation is handled using validation groups.

To create a validation group, you should put the input controls and the validation controls into the same logical group by setting their Validation Group property.

Both Error Message and Text properties are used to display error messages. If you are using Validation Summary than only Error Message and Text property is used.

The complete code for the above Validation Summary is as: I hope that this article would have helped you in understanding the Validation Controls in ASP. Please share it if you know more about this article.

The client side validation is accomplished through the Client Validation Function property.

For developer point of view serve side is preferable because it will not fail, it is not dependent on browser and scripting language. NET validation, which will ensure client, and server validation. When the value of the Causes Validation property is set to true, you can also use the Validation Group property to specify the name of the validation group for which the Button control causes validation. Compare Validator Control The Compare Validator control allows you to make comparison to compare data entered in an input control with a constant value or a value in a different control.If you don't find your desired regular expression, you can create your custom one.In the example I have checked the email id format: You can solve your purpose with ASP. But if you still don't find solution you can create your own custom validator control.The server side validation routine must be called from the control's Server Validate event handler. The basic syntax for the control is as given: The Validation Summary control does not perform any validation but shows a summary of all errors in the page.

The server side validation routine should be written in any . The summary displays the values of the Error Message property of all validation controls that failed validation.Source Code The server side validation you write does not need to provide the exact same validation as that of the client side validation.The client side validation can check for the user input data for range and type and server side validation can check for matching of data with database.Both server side and client side validation can be used for total solution. NET has provided an additional control that complements the validator controls.

Understanding. Validation Controls in. These validation controls give us the flexibility of validating on client side or server.… continue reading »

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