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26-Aug-2018 18:46

Furthermore, it supports a large variety of browsers and platforms.It is especially useful for executing tests to verify web application functionality and user acceptance.But If I let the redirect run, I get no flash data. But if I flash the message (\Session::flash('message')) then I get no message. But when it 'redirects back' it makes 2 calls, so by the 2nd call when the page loads the flashed data is gone. I actually have a different laravel project that it all works fine on.I can run this on the form page When I submit the form and it returns back to the page. I'm not sure how to trouble shoot this or how to get my error messages. But doing (what I think is) the same thing on this project, and I can't get flashed messages to stay. The only difference I know for sure is the one it works on is laravel 5.2.14 and the new one, where it doesn't work is 5.2.31.If I just return dd($validator) before the redirect.I get the error message (say if I leave the name field blank). I can manually put stuff into the session (\Session::put('key', 'value')) and I can get the key/value pair out into the web page.But before digging into the details, you'll need to understand a few terminologies and technologies.

Selenium tests run directly in the web browser itself, mimicking what real users do.

I'm having problems when flashing raspbian stretch image into my Raspberry pi zero w. I tried flashing it w/ Win32 Disk Imager and it said 'Write Successful' though i'm not sure if that program does any verification.

I tried to flash on linux and windows with various sd cards (8 GB | 16 GB) but the problem persist. Update: Booted w/ the Win32 Disk Imager flashed image w/ the same setup and everything Same problem here.

We used Selenium in our last project to verify that a web application (which contains one or more Flash components) worked the way we wanted.

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Even though Selenium has been widely used for testing web applications, we did not find any resources linking Selenium to Flash or Flex when we started developing and testing Flash applications ourselves.

Functional tests are intended to help you verify that a system, as a whole, functions as intended.