Validating text box

30-Oct-2018 22:59

The approach is based upon extending the standard win forms text box control to allow storage of a regular expression and to provide the means to validate the text contained in the control against the pattern defined in the regular expression.The article further described how the extended text box control could be used in conjunction with an error provider to display meaningful information to the user if the control's validation function indicates a mismatch between the control's text and the regular expression provided with the control.

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Other cultures will need different regular expressions here, and so it looks like some additional strategy would have to be developed to validate currency amounts across cultures.The first project is a class library called "Reg Ex Controls" which contains a class called "Reg Ex Text Box"; this class is an extended text box control that provides the means to store a regular expression and to test the text box text against the regular expression.The second project is a test windows form application called "Test Reg Ex Controls"; this project contains a single windows form that shows five examples of the extended text box control in use in conjunction with an error control. Error Provider Friend With Events txt Email As System.

Resume Layout(False) End Sub #End Region Private Sub txt Name_Validating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Net 2.0 has some very powerful client-side web page validation features, including classes that emit javascript validation code to the user’s web browser.

Add rules for validation. Enter the text in the ScreenTip box. If you want to add a more detailed message or enable an automatic dialog box message.… continue reading »

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TextBox validation validate in Validating Event. Imports System Imports System. Drawing Imports System. Windows. Forms Public Class MainClass Shared Sub… continue reading »

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Validating user input should belong in every developer’s tool. text box is not a number. You can read more about user input validation in Windows Forms at MSDN.… continue reading »

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The problem is I need a piece of code that will not allow the user to enter any negative number in the text box This how it should work, if the user trries to enter.… continue reading »

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