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27-Dec-2018 03:24

Next, add the file to the Schemas collection of the Xml Reader Settings object and invoke the static Create method of the Xml Reader object, passing in the path of the file and the Xml Reader Settings object.

The Create method returns an instance of the Xml Reader object, which provides validation of a DTD or an XML schema when parsing the document.

However, failing to provide a callback function to handle validation errors results in an exception being thrown when a validation error occurs.

The Xml Reader Settings class lets you specify a set of options the Xml Reader object will support, and these options will govern the effects when parsing XML data. Note that the Xml Reader Settings class renders the Xml Validating Reader class used with . Third, associate the Xml Reader Settings class with the already defined Validation Event Handler method.Any validation errors will invoke the Validation Event Handler method.Inside this method, a String Builder object keeps appending the contents of the validation error message to itself.The Xml Schema Set class replaces the Xml Schema Collection class, the preferred class for caching schemas in . The new Xml Schema Set class provides much better standards compliance and better performance.

For example, assume you want to validate XML data using the new Xml Schema Set class (see Listing 4).

Once you complete these steps, the Xml Reader class will validate the XML document automatically while parsing the XML using the Read method.