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Welcome to “Journey to the Cure” This is a web series that chronicles the progress at the Hepatitis B Foundation and Baruch S.

Blumberg Institute towards finding the cure for hepatitis B.

I’ve been asked to pose for photos with fans who’ve been shaking beside me, just because I played The Doctor.‘I suspect that goes on too with David, who, like me, is intimidating without doing anything to intimidate.

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The Hepatitis B Foundation created a second non-profit organization, originally called the IHVR, renamed in Dr. Kristine Alarcon, MPH: What do we need in order to find a cure for hepatitis B? We need focused research and the community’s kind of coming together with a consensus.

British Film Institute for a special Doctor Who screening in honour of the show's 50th anniversary, while attempting to cover his new hair extensions - a necessity for the role - with a grey baker boy cap However, the Twitter user @David_Tennant, which provides up-to-date news on the star, was quick to dispel people's questions over the new hair, writing: 'To answer all the queries David Tennant has hair extensions for Richard II (10 Oct - 25 Jan).

His hair will be loose (no ponytail) on stage.'At the British Film Institute event, which screened the Tenth Doctor episodes The Stolen Earth and Journey's End, Tennant was also put under the spotlight answering questions from Justin Johnson, while the audience looked on in amazement at his new mane.

We’re sitting in an office that is in a building that has the Hepatitis B Foundation outreach and advocacy staff of nurses and public health professionals.

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We’re also here with as I said with 100 scientists, who are focused on looking for a cure for hepatitis B.Blumberg’s honor after he passed away; and that’s the Baruch S. The Hepatitis B Foundation organized that workshop, which we published research priorities.We call it the “Roadmap to a Cure.” The more scholarly, conservative title for that is a research agenda- research priorities.He said: ‘I suspect that, crucially, Georgia wasn’t overawed by David.