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Another friend of mine said she thought her boyfriend was mean at first because he barely spoke to her, but it turns out he was just incredibly shy.

When you meet people at parties, the guys almost always wait for you to strike up the conversation with them.

Spanish men have a reputation for being incredibly romantic.

I actually think part of that comes from confusion with Latin American men, who I’ve found are actually much more romantic than the Spanish.

However, things can get complicated when it comes to those inevitable arguments.

I’ve more or less always been able to communicate how I’m feeling to my partner, and understood his sentiments as well.

“We still see her swimming almost every day in the summertime,” Rue told WGNO.In fact, Spanish men are quite shy and not at all forward when it comes to talking to women.My boyfriend was an absolute gentleman–to the point where I wasn’t sure if he was interested.But I’ve also learned that it’s OK to say that you don’t understand and ask them to re-phrase what they’re saying, and that’s especially the case when you’re arguing because misunderstandings can make things worse.

When it comes to arguments, patience is always key, but even more so when you don’t share the same native language. The Spanish like to see where life takes them; they don’t limit what could happen on any given day by making strict plans.

Ask them Wednesday or Thursday what they are doing on the weekend and they typically respond with, “” (“We’ll see”). Well, in mine in particular it was a bit difficult for us to overcome this huge difference between our expectations at first.