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Following the break up of the band, several members of the band went on to release solo albums, including Paul Mc Cartney's Mc Cartney and Ringo Starr's Ringo.

The Capitol record label made a number of hasty releases, including The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, in an attempt to cash in on the band's demise and loss of creative control over the label's Beatles material.

Mc Cartney announced in November 2008 that he wishes to release an experimental recording made by The Beatles.

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The Beatles' sixth album, Rubber Soul was considered a step forward in the maturity and progression of the band's sound.

The song 'Free As A Bird' was released as a single to promote the collection.

On 29th November 2001, George Harrison died of lung cancer.

In April 2009, it was announced that all of The Beatles' original 13 UK studio albums would be released in newly remastered versions, named Past Masters, Volume One and Past Masters: Volume Two.

The Mojo journalist Mat Snow was given the privilege of listening to the remastered version of The White Album and claimed that the new recordings were "better even than we'd hoped." It has been reported that Bob Dylan introduced The Beatles to cannabis in 1964, when the band were visiting New York. Laing in signing an advert in The Times calling for the legalization of cannabis.The Beatles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.George Harrison and Ringo Starr collected the award, along with Yoko Ono and Lennon's two sons, Julian and Sean Lennon. In 1994, once Mc Cartney had resolved many of his issues with the remaining surviving Beatles, he got together with Harrison and Starr to compile The Beatles Anthology, which was released in February 1994.When they toured in the Philippines, Brian Epstein insulted the nation's first lady, Imelda Marcos, by refusing an official invitation.