Wordpress rss feed updating

27-Dec-2018 06:55

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We hope this article helped you fix Word Press RSS feed errors on your site.

You may also want to take a look at our guide on how to make separate RSS feed for each category in Word Press.

Ideally, the closing PHP tag is not required at the end of the file.

This is why it would be best if you remove the closing php tag altogether. However, if it does not fix your RSS feed error, then continue reading.

I have noticed that once the content is published, the RSS feed is sent and I can see it in my own RSS reader, but then I cannot update it anyhow, even if I change everything in the post.

Frustratingly, the RSS keeps showing the old version, even after I manually update my feed reader.

Another easy trick that works sometimes – Login to your Word Press admin area and change the number in ‘Syndication feeds show the most recent‘ option, this also updates the RSS feed.

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Hence it is better to deactivate the code and use it only when you need it.By default what happens is when you update posts, tags or categories on your website, the content sent via RSS feed remains the same for longer period of time.The reason is default feed update cycle of Word Press is twelve hours.I'm using the following code to display some entries of my Word Press blog as a feed in the sidebar.

WordPress supports external feeds, and parse the feed using a function named fetch_feed from SimplePie. RSS widget is one of them using the same function to fetch external feed. The Codex says fetch_feed caches results for 12 hours by default. So, the feed you are fetching is actually at least 12 hours.… continue reading »

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I did some major updating today and every post I updated, even ones published in 2005, got picked up again by the RSS feed. It's the exact opposite problem this guy is having - I posted this question a couple of years ago when I.… continue reading »

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Jun 21, 2012. As amazing as the built in WordPress RSS widget can be there are times that it just doesn't update fast enough. Thanks to the fact that WordPress is so easy to customize we can easily change this. In this article, we will show you how to alter the WordPress RSS Widget's refresh rate. All you have to do is.… continue reading »

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