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30-Jan-2019 22:59

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Its human nature to glorify the past, gripe about the present, and fear the future.

The sad truth is usually that the good old days werent so good when we lived them and the present isnt as bad as we think it to be.We overlook the fact that a lot of the decisions that led to the problems of today were created in that period, and even before that.And when we leave this present, into the future, well look back on now as the good old days, even if theyre not that great. We complain when the writers change the format when the show goes on for a while by adding new characters or simply changing around some situations in the characters lives. So I wont update till…I dunno…till…the latists the 14th…So dont review this just PM me cause this is the next chap…maybe sooner if i can get internet acces where I’m going… see you guys on the 14 Sincearly Depthmon Marge dairy: 29/11 2007 I go up six oclock and do breakfast for Homer, Lisa, Bart and Maggie.If for any reason at all you have any issues with it you could always contact us.